Lights And Sounds Influence Us In Casinos

We all know that we are largely conditioned to stay as long as possible in a place where we are somehow a customer. This is valid for supermarkets that use more advanced sales strategies than the others thanks to well-studied visual tricks and marketing, as for play live casino online singapore that offer to bathe in an environment that tickles awareness and pushes us to always want to stay longer to play more and always, in the end, earn even more money…

Lights and sounds

To summarize, we already imagined very well that the lights and sounds of land-based casinos were not present just for decorative purposes. But this time, this interesting study reveals that they strongly encourage players to take risks.

So, according to this study published in the journal Neuroscience, light and sound stimuli greatly encourage and greatly modify the reaction of visitors and especially players in gambling casinos. It must be said that this analysis is really serious and that the related research has been carried out by specialists.

A life-size experience

To arrive at a reliable result, those responsible for this investigation proceeded logically. In fact, in order to complete this process, the researchers simply gathered around a hundred adults around the game. The objective set for these guinea pigs was then most fun since they were asked to play chance, without worrying about what could be going on around them. A priority was then defined by the study to try to detect here the reflexes of each, whether it be in case of victory or in case of defeat.

So we immersed them all in a setting and in an atmosphere very similar to those found in most casinos. Sounds similar to those that can be heard, for example, when a player wins a fabulous jackpot. But to ensure the reliability of the data collected and in this perspective to really identify reflexes and behaviors, the scientists used an eye analysis technology—a technique which then aims to reach precise conclusions on the processing of the information transmitted.

A conclusive study

We thus learn via this study and especially on the side of the results, that we can see that the participants do not really take into account the information provided by the game on the probabilities of winning as soon as the images and the sounds make their appearance. A subtle ploy to divert well-studied attention? Certainly. How many times have you paid attention to the small lines written at the bottom of the screen, when you are shown beautiful colorful animations suddenly in the center at the same time ?!

This study also explains that the researchers in charge of these analyzes also realized that the pupils’ pupils dilated during the game sessions. Don’t panic! This is normal and a sign of excitement and restlessness in everyone. But otherwise, we realize that the absence of sensory signals is a sign that these participants allow a little more time for reflection before making a decision to play and launch the first spin.

But the sounds are also very important, and deafening music can in no way encourage a player. She would even tend to disturb him to agitate his concentration. This is the reason why casino operators most often offer slot machines with adequate light, which immediately puts the player at ease, rather than bothering and disturbing him with noise. We must admit that each element in a game is essential, especially when it comes to the color of the lighting, the rhythm of the music, and its intensity.